You know, freedom isn’t easy.  Liberty isn’t “do whatever I want.”  They are both about doing the right thing without having to be ordered to do it.  In the midst of the current US “Right vs Left” fracture taking place, this truth has been lost.

Hello, and welcome to my site.  For now, I’m going to call myself Techno.  For some time now, I’ve become increasingly concerned by pushes to retard the freedom and liberty of “others” as technology advances and those advances bring forward more and more interaction among people.

To be clear, I’m not a technology expert.  Nor am I political science expert.  I work in information technology, and have some exposure to law and regulation governing same.  I’m less concerned with the political science of it all.  I am more worried about how opening up the world to our most unfiltered thoughts, and how we react to that opening, is affecting us and our collective society.

Do we truly believe that women never lie about sexual harassment and assault?  Do we truly believe that they are not, in fact, being harassed and assaulted in atrocious numbers?  Is it no longer possible to enjoy our individuality and differences through laughter?  Does government really have a right to break down the protections we develop to keep our private thoughts private?

We are not so far away from “The Machine” in the television show “Person of Interest” for me to feel comfortable that it does not exist.

Now, I want to make sure that this site doesn’t concentrate exclusively on the USA, but my resources are going to be limited.  I’m a US citizen living in the USA.  And I know that enough is taking place in the USA to occupy one person’s whole career.  But freedom and liberty are not USA issues.  They span the globe.  From women forcibly having their genitals mutilated to Uyghurs being carted off by the trainload to camps, to alleged masked, unidentified federal officers seemingly kidnapping people off the streets, freedom is under constant assault.

I won’t always have answers, sadly.  Like I said, I don’t claim expertise.  I will be, I hope, the eye turning attention to these matters.  And I hope I never find myself alone in doing so.

So… I have a huge task ahead of me.  The only way to accomplish it is to get started.  Let’s see if I’m up to the challenge.