In one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Captain and Ship's Doctor wind up captured.  They are implanted with devices that telepathically link them, and make them nauseous if they get too far apart.  And yet knowing each others' thoughts brought all kinds of friction between them.  Is that us?  Has our Information Age, with its social networks, become a threat to our very freedom?

 Hello.  Welcome to  My exploration of the Information Age and how I see us preserving our individual identity, indeed our liberty, in a connected world.

For now, please allow me a time of anonymity.  I don't want this to become about personality.  I'm no expert, and will never claim any particular authority on this.  I'm an information technology worker, so I'm somewhat familiar with technology.  But I'm not aiming to out-Ars Ars Technica, nor Engadget, Kotaku, or any of the hundreds of tech-savvy sites already covering technology itself.

What I'm seeking here is a non-conspiratorial manifesto for our connected age, some collection of ideas and principles and that can allow us to overcome that attachment so well-put in that ST:TNG episode.

I don't want to blame anyone.  I don't want to impugn any ideas.  I want to create a place where we can all learn to live with these attachments, this neverending closeness.

This is where we are.  Where do we go from here as free citizens in the Information Age?  I have my ideas.  What are yours?