In the movie "The American President," fictional President Andrew Shepard says, "America is hard.  You gotta want it bad."

He's got a point.

One of the hardest principles to face about freedom and liberty is that they don't just happen.  Freedom and liberty have to exercised, asserted, even demanded.

There's always going to be someone who will "do it for you," make your life easier.  Well-meaning, even "nice" people that mean it when they say they want to make your life easier, or more fair.

But... this isn't easy to say... don't believe them.

Look, I don't hate or even feel anger towards these people.  Like I say, they mean well.  I even think they're sincere.

But I firmly believe that there comes a point where convenience rots, becomes dependence.  When we become dependent, when we count on someone to "do for" us, we lose a bit of that power that freedom and liberty need to thrive.

You start to feel helpless.  You start to "need" someone to fight for you.

This is, I think, the core of freedom and liberty.  You have the power.  You always have it.  That's freedom.  The power to do for yourself.

But when you give it over to someone, even someone with good intentions, you "forget" how to exercise that power.

I hope to go over this in the coming weeks as I get this site up and running.  We need to find that power.  It's there.

Work with me to take it back.